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Sarah Humphrey Writer & Traveller.

My name is Sarah Humphrey and I am a creative freelance writer based in Toronto Ontario. I have spent many of relatively young years writing for some major publications based in Europe and recently moved back to Toronto to start my career in media and PR.

sarah humphrey
Sarah Humphrey

I love cats, and eating out and just lurrve vacations to exotic locations.

Experience The Hustle and Bustle of Toronto

Toronto has grown a lot of the last ten years, since I have been away, the skyline and landscape has changed exponentially. Let’s take the area around lakeshore, called CityPlace. This area ten years ago was completely different. Now it is home to towering skyscrapers, restaurants and shops.

Well the shops side of things is bit enthusiastic. There are shops, but mainly for groceries and simple items. The locale is quite dense, but the area is evolving with more towers. The main complain appears to be that the locale lacks infrastructure to support it’s growth which is true; for me though it’s about what to do with traffic, in and around the area. Close by are some big tourist landmarks like the Rogers Centre and Rippley’s Aquarium. There are some nice restaurants in CityPlace including Macho, which I personally love.

I am surprised how much this area has changed ten years ago nothing was here!

Toronto Freelancer Writers Guild

Seven months back I left my job to be a full-time freelance writer.

Before leaving my job, I worked as an event planner for one of Toronto’s private caterers in the food industry for five years. I coordinated, and I spent money planning occasions including everything from corporate functions as well as weddings to fundraisers and in-house cocktail parties.

While studying, it was proposed in the class that I begin a website venture to highlight my skill set. The notion was that it will be a spot to share posts, and hone my writing abilities, while simultaneously building up a portfolio for prospective editors, although I ‘didn’t actually think of it before. I started Family Chunks back in January 2010, and adopted the notion.

The teacher told us that while desiring to be a food writer was excellent, almost no one makes a living by simply doing that, unless they have a desk job working for a magazine or paper. Now that I understand plenty of other food writers, I do believe this is largely accurate, but please don’t let that discourage you.

What I chose to do was take my other ability – party planning – and see if that could turn into a freelance writing career too. It turned out to be a good choice. While food writing makes up half of income and my work, the remainder comes from composing bash-associated content. Some of it’s about food and celebrations, and a few of it’s about children and celebrations – I have supply me with more writing opportunities, and ’m the mother of two boys – but the two subjects operate nicely together.

I sent e-mails to various editors to see whether they were searching for writers within my goal issues once I figured out what I really could write about. I made a record of both print and internet publications that I figured out whom to get in touch with, believed I really could approach, and e-mailed everyone.